I cook when I feel bad

Tomatoes simmering…an early start on dinner, and a great way to perk up.

Do you ever have a day – or a span of hours – when you just feel…meh?

I’m usually tempted to lay on the couch, eat ice cream and watch a marathon of pretty much any TV show.

When you’re exhausted from a day at work, all the dishes are dirty and you can’t bear to fill out one more online job application, vegging out on the couch seems like a great idea.

But that always makes me feel worse. Because then, not only am I tired and sitting in a filthy house, I’m lazy. Three hours later, I’m still sitting in the same spot, not feeling refreshed at all. It only prolongs the bad-ness.

But if I can make myself get up and start chopping garlic, magic happens.

I feel better. I get absorbed in the cooking. Both my mind and my body are busy and happy. Being in the kitchen even makes me want to wash all those dishes.

Whether it’s an elaborate dessert or an early start on dinner, cooking makes me feel good.

It’s so important to have something that makes you want to get out of bed or off the couch. Sitting on the couch watching Seinfeld is not the answer.


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