Making a New Home

Just call me an Atlantan…I’ve left the suburbs.

Zack and I moved to a home inside the perimeter over the weekend. We’ll probably only be living in this house temporarily, so Zack told me not to “make myself too at home.”

I’ve also left my job, since it’s so far out of the city. It’s been pretty sad, but the world still turns.

I have a part-time job (~25 hours per week), but I haven’t started yet. Honestly, I’m hoping one of the full-time jobs I’ve interviewed for will work out.

In the meantime, I’ll be pursuing even more frugal activities and catching up on things I’ve always complained about not having enough time to do (sewing, baking, etc.).

While our Atlanta adventure hasn’t happened as glamorously as I had hoped, we’re making the best of it, and I’m sure things iwll all work out one way or another.


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