Saving Money on Groceries: Going Less-Meat

Chicken and tomatoes on the stovetop. One breast, three servings.

Does anyone out there have a husband like mine? He’s a carnivore to the core, and he’s not big on many fruits or veggies. Beans aren’t really his thing either.

Obviously, my family will never go meatless.Cutting out meat is a popular suggestion when people ask how to save more money on groceries. For us frugal queens, having husbands that won’t go meatless is a sad, sad situation indeed.

We’re not going meatless, but we are going less-meat.

Take last night’s dinner, for example. Tomatoes, pesto and chicken over pasta, accompanied by homemade bread. I made it using one single chicken breast.

We each ate a bowl last night, and Zack took a leftover serving for lunch today. That means one chicken breast, bought on sale for $1.99/pound, stretched into three servings.

Cutting the chicken into pieces is key here. It sort of distorts how much or how little meat you’re eating.
Had I made the pasta and sauce, but served whole chicken breasts alongside, Zack and I would have each eaten one chicken breast.

I’m also a fan of slicing my chicken breasts into cutlets (slice through the middle to make two thin pieces). Each cutlet gives an impression of being a whole piece of chicken, but it’s really only half. While Zack usually eats two of these anyway, I’m satisfied with one. So it’s about tricking myself, too. 🙂


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